About Us

We are a fourth generation family operation that has been based in Clay county for more than a century. We have been involved in the cattle industry since the mid-nineties. Commercial cattle are our primary focus in all aspects and especially the cow. She has got to calve easily, milk well, breed back and do it all again. We have been finishing a majority of our cattle through the years which allows us to see how the genetics perform in all aspects of the industry.

Majority of the registered cow herd has come from Sinclair Cattle Company and Coleman Angus in Montana. To us they represent breeders that have tried to stay true to their breeding goals. Their cattle fit their environments, but when they leave those environments, they still excel. Using foundation donor cows from these programs have allowed us to try and propagate a more uniform cowherd to serve as a solid foundation. We have noticed the more we try to use the popular genetics the more disappointed we get in the end result. With this in mind we specifically try to observe the sires, dams and progeny of the bull’s genetics that we utilize. Thus you may observe more unique sires utilized here. The more we have stepped away from chasing numbers, the better our cattle have excelled on the grid. The 2015 heifers that were not kept as replacements graded 99.5% choice and up, 22.7% prime, 45.1% CAB and 22.9% Black Canyon Beef at roughly 14-15 months of age.

The foundation donor that is serving as a major back bone is Sinclair Eriskay 2N1 7883. She was the high indexing cow out of the Sinclair program competing against many of their foundation N Bar donors. Upon utilization in the Coleman Program she once again attained pathfinder status and produced 5 of the top 7 bulls in the 2014 sale. She has produced deep bodied structurally sound cattle that just flat out get it done.

The Red Angus program is a new venture started in the fall of 2015 with a few purchases from the Wildcat Creek Dispersal. We have noticed that a majority of the reds have been heavier muscled, boned and exceptional mothers. The incorporation of these genetics specifically from Canadian stock are very exciting.

The Simmental stock that has been used specifically from mating with Coleman Dixie Erica 8288 were done specifically to produce bulls that will add pounds to the calf crop. Typically, matings with Simmental/Angus cross were done to correct something about one or the other. The depth of rib, muscle and overall mass of 8288 blended with superior Simmentals has produced some exceptional individuals. She will continue to be collected to both Simmental and Angus sires to bring more of her genetics into production.

We want our genetics to meet and exceed your expectations! Please give us a call or drop us an email if you have any questions or thoughts about what we are doing. We look forward to hearing from you!